Hierarchical Numbering

I have a type: Idea. The Primary Key is: Short Description + “-” + Integer Count

The Short Description field may have many duplicates. To differentiate them I would like the Integer Count to Auto Increment starting from 1 i.e:


Is there a way to do this?

Many thanks

I differentiate by concatenating with the unique “Public Id” field.

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I am using something identical, except each item have a sequential number based on how many of the same type the parent has. In addition it uses values of two fields for further distinction. At the moment I am triggering this naming with a button click.

When the Fibery team release mixing of types in Formula you should be able set the name to be automatic with one such identifier.

However as Nicol mentioned, you can use Public ID since it’s a string IIRC. You can have your type have automatic name using formula SomeFieldName + "-" + [Public ID]

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Some extra info - the Cat/Dog is a single drop down field in the table. What if we could do a count of the tickets where Animal=Cat and then add 1?

Possible, but Formula is constantly being updated, meaning if you now have 3 instead of 2 where Animal = Cat, then the evaluation change from 2+1 to 3+1.

Ah. So there’s no current solution?

Not one where a incremental value based on a dropdown that I can think of no.
However using the public ID of the entity itself is incremental :slight_smile:

Here the name is a formula that use the name of the parent and incremental value of itself through its own Public ID.