Graph Widgets into Current Views

Sometimes we just want to have a single widget with one aggregation or visualization in a fashion way. The only option we do have, currently is to create a whole report just for showing a Record Count. It looks odd:

Wouldn’t be stunning to have something like this instead?

Other Platforms do also have a view on that. I’ve made some research to check if it makes sense in terms of product. Airtable calls it “Interface”, It’s like another view where you can mix and match several widgets altogether.

The way I see it is more like a customizable heading section on all view types where we could blend in some different widgets (or graphs). A widget could be a formula, or a chart, for instance.

Imagine a grid view (or a table view) with some of those widgets right above it, just to show a glimpse of the data itself, like an overview.

Anything like that on the roadmap?

You can already embed a “View” (which includes “reports”/graphs). You can also make Columns now. I think with those two features you have the basic capability to create what you are suggesting as far as layout is concerned, right? If so, the question then is about the “content”, and in this case whether there is a Report config that represents your data effectively and clearly in the layout you create. That’s where I think Fibery may not function well, but that strikes me as something of a different request from what you describe if I understand it correctly. Maybe I don’t. :smile:

Totally @Oshyan! I’ve made a document and inside it, I could reproduce what you’ve just said:

It looks promising, but feels like it needs more polishing. It is not obvious that this is even possible.

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I mean, more like a design facelift than the feature itself. The separators just don’t have ANY contrast, which makes it hard to see when they are there. Also the cards could have a nice border to delimitate them and of course. Snappiness FTW.


I’m glad it worked! Columns is a brand-new feature (July 27, 2023 / Columns and :emoji: in documents, create DB faster, not much more than a month old. This kind of feedback is probably good to make on that topic, or a new one (though also if we just had Natively integrated custom CSS (and editor) for Fibery workspaces then it wouldn’t necessarily matter as much, hah). FWIW Notion columns don’t have borders either though.

As for the visibility/discoverability of this stuff, I wholeheartedly agree. I envision some kind of default state for Rich Text and Documents that lets you start typing immediately, but also shows sort of “ghosted” and maybe clickable options for example page layouts, templates, or just page features like columns. Examples could include “Dashboard” that creates a set of simple columns and embedded example Charts. Etc. Notion does an OK job here, but their page/entity creation flow is entirely different from Fibery, and Fibery’s multi-Rich Text capabilities mean it should probably work different than Notion fundamentally.

Do we have any example of using Dashboard, i mean homepage combine multi views, I’m using daily note as center thing so I still using seperate view in different pane