FRQ: Database Inheritance

Yes, we need this too.

That’s our current set-up for contact. Which is really confusing. We have really huge databases (example: our contact database) with a lot of hidden fields (which we only use in automations/formulas). But if a user wants to create a form or want to add a value in a table, they will see all fields. The list is quite insane :sweat_smile:

This is our setup in a lot of other databases. Also quite confusing since we need a lot of workarounds to create the overall database/views.

And it’s really limiting the table views since you can only choose 1 database in a table. So I can’t say “Column 1-3 are Database A and column 4-6 are Database B”

Exactly, this is also why we can’t use lookups.

And automations/buttons + formulas also not.