Formulas if statement

Hi all,

I’m setting up a list view with earnings which include taxes. But some of our customers are outside of our country so we don’t want to add tax to those fields.

Now I use a formula to calculate the tax amount separately and also add them together with another formula.
But I want to use a checkbox for the customers where no taxes are applied. Seems like it’s not possible to check for the checkbox boolean inside those formulas.

Anyone know what I’m doing wrong or has another solution?

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My current formula is Yearly + [BTW 21%] which works. But I want a check on the boolean which I think might not be possible?

Entity.Checkbox gives a boolean response which I want to use in the formula to validate what the calculation should be.

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Curious to know if anyone has an answer here?

Do you want to solve the same case as Suprevo (for taxes) or just to check, whether Fibery team answers?=)