Formula to set a duration (DateTimeRange)

Hello fellow friendly fibery folk,

In short - is it possible to easily manipulate date times using formulas, e.g. set / add / remove units of time.

Pain: “Setting a duration involves lots of clicks”
Idea: “Create a button that does some the hard work”

E.g. Duration = 30 minutes, Duration = 1 hour

So for a DURATION field, I need to set a sensible DateTimeRange.

I got as far as:

DateTimeRange(Now(), Now())

Which does what you’d expect:

However, what I’d actually like to do is!

  1. Get the current date
  2. Extract the current time
  3. Round the time down to a nearest interval (e.g. 15 minutes)
  4. Create a time range using the rounded down internal as the start
  5. Send the end range to the start plus X minutes


current datetime = 2020-01-13-20-23-12
rounded to nearest interval = 2020-01-13-20-15-00

start = rounded to nearest interval
end = start + 30 minutes

Any ideas much appreciated :+1:

Create an integer field called ‘Surplus’.
Then make a button with the following actions:

The formulas are as follows:

Minute(Now()) - (RoundDown(Minute(Now()) / 15,0) * 15)


DateTimeRange(Now() - Minutes([Step 1 Meeting].Surplus),Now() - Minutes([Step 1 Meeting].Surplus) + Minutes(30))

assuming that your database is called Meeting :slight_smile: