Formula for number in list view

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Is there a formula available that add’s a number (look right), based on the order of entities in a list view? So that when the order of the entities changed, the one on top should always be updated to number 1, the second one to number 2 etc.



Hi Marloes!

I have tried, but it doesn’t seem to be possible :thinking:

What is the purpose of numbering them by order in the view? Perhaps there is another approach to get a similar result.

If they are not explicitly sorted, then the ordering is considered to be ‘manual’ (which uses a ranking number in the background) and @bear is right that it’s not possible to extract the order as a number.


Thanks for your reply!

Well, we havelead statusses in a seperate database. Those lead statusses represent a sort of logical order in a salesfunnel.

Since they’re linked to a contact, and since we have the sorting order in the relational database it would be great is we could sort those statusses in the same logical order.

Offcourse I can manually add a number to create an order (and I will, cause there’s no other option). But because we (@YvetteLans and I) are building workspaces for our cliënts it would have been awesome if our cliënts can re-arrange the order (or add new statusses), without manually having to change the order.

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I’m not sure I understand what’s happening. Is the list view you showed supposed to represent the various lead statuses, manually sorted via drag and drop to be a meaningful order?

How does adding a number help? What is the number to be used for?

Hi @ChrisG

Below is an image of the lead statuses in the database in logical order. They are in this order because I put them in manually.

There is a relationship between Lead Status and Contact. In Contact you see the entities in alphabetical order, but fortunately we can now sort! I want to show them in the order of the sales funnel as specified by our customer.

I can add a fixed number on which we can sort. But when our client adds a status or wants to change the order, they have to manually change the numbers. When there’s no other solution is available then that is the way it has to be. But if we can automate this based on a sequence in a specific place (not in the database), that would be great.

Hope you understand what I’m trying to accomplish.

In general, if you remove the alphabetic sorting on the relation field, you should see the entities sorted by ‘rank’ (which is the order that they get from any manual drag’n’dropping in a list view for those entities).
However, it seems there may be a bug which is applying a creation date sort instead.

Yes, no bug!

I changed the order by dragging and it works as you said. I was not aware that this would be automatic. So I wanted to build a solution that doesn’t require a fix. :smiley:


Yep, @Sergey_Truhtanov rolled out a fix yesterday :slight_smile:

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