Formula Common Methods/Solutions Bulletin?

Continuing the discussion from How to calculate month end date in formula?:

I often come to the Fibery community boards to find little Formula snippets like these. I know that I can probably figure out some way to do this on my own, but it’s way faster to see if the people that actually built Fibery have an opinion on the current best way to do this.

That said, sometimes it’s hard to find them buried in all the community topics.

Is there some kind of central location with “common formula questions / formula tips and tricks” where these are compiled?

If not… If the community were to compile one, would Fibery put it up somewhere for ease of use? Or link to it directly from the Formula editor?

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There isn’t, but perhaps we could be more generous with the ‘formulas’ tag in the Get Help section, so that searching to find them would be more efficient.