[FIXED] Automations error about self update failure

I added a rule to the automation to update certain fields.
If the self-entity is deleted before the update action is executed, an error occurs.

“Set: State Updated Date” has failed with this error: “Failed to execute action “Update”: Some entities to update were not found.”. Please check out the Rule’s activity for more details.

The reproduction process is as follows.

  1. Create an entity.
  2. Delete the created entity immediately.

It is not a bug that an error occurs.
However, the user has a clear intention to deprecate the entity. That’s why I think it’s unnecessary to throw an error.

this behavior occurs when user click the cell at the bottom of the row in the table view.

The intent of clicking on that cell is not to create a new entity. It’s just for focus out of cell.
Three people who actively use Fibery in our office are making the same mistake over and over again.
Typically, user don’t intend to create an entity, but when it is created, they immediately delete it.

What do you think about making it ignore the update failed error that occurs when deleting self-entity?

It’s an issue on our side. Will be fixed, cannot promise concrete date however.
But issue is quite important, so we will look into it for sure.

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This issue is fixed. Sorry for inconvenience.