Figma + FigJam + Fibery = 💯


So obviously the argument of what software is the king of UI/UX design has been won by Figma. It’s years ahead of Sketch or any other contender.

We are a SaaS startup, and rely heavily on Figma for design, communication and brainstorming. Now that FigJam is in beta, it is even going to be a more integral part of our workflow.

Other than Figma, Fibery is the go to tool for all management, tracking and documentation needs; together with Figma it’s going to rule.

Use cases:

  1. FigJam as an alternative to the Miro in Fibery
  2. Figma file relation to features, tasks …
  3. Preview and comment interaction on figma files or specific frames in the Description field
  4. Figma file as an entity - now it can go through workflows and all the good stuff Fibery offers

Those were my 2 cents.