Fields applicable to all types

@Chr1sG, great suggestion! I am really eager for “cross-Fibery” stuff to start to come through, things that would be cross-App, or something that can be used anywhere in any Entity as you suggest. Some big stuff I’m eager to see is basics around not so much fields - which don’t get me wrong I support 100% - but also more intuitive ways to see all assigned Entities via a good “Dashboard” functionality, some simplistic reports you could create at Workspace level. You and I have discussed this a bit, but my team gets hindered by having to find stuff within an App, without a central “Workspace” default area for say a Workspace-wide Whiteboard or Vizi report. I am hopeful the team is working on this, as during my testing of Targetprocess it really shines in this area, and we have the same pedigree here in Fibery!!

I digress a bit, but it’s not obvious to you mean if you’re a former TP user, as are a lot of folks here in the community. If so, would love at some point to find out what parts of TP you’d like over here in Fibery with greatest priority…

At any rate, it occured to me that it might be useful to the community to mention that you can get cross-Fibery functionality with tagging. I posted about this below when I discovered it:

Have you seen this? If you name a field in a drop-down the same in two Types, you can pick it up as an option in a Board. This is a terrific hidden feature! You cannot do this in Notion - no way to carry tags across tables.

Hope that’s useful, cheers!

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