Extract part of entity name


I want to extract a part of an entity name to create a new entity in another database. I know the left / right function in the formula, but this won’t match the criteria.

For example
The first entity is called 12. December '24.
I only want to extract everything after the dot. So I need the trim function (for removing the blank space), as well as something to extract only the last part → December '24.

When I use the right function I have to set the number of characters I want to extract. But consider the fact that every month have a different number of characters, I don’t know how to make it work.

Is there something like extract everything after x-number of characters? Or is there a different solution?


There is the Middle function, which extracts a section, based on a start and end position, and you could set the end position to something ridiculously high, e.g.

Middle(Name,Find(Name,".") + 2,1000)

Alternatively, you could use something like this:

Right(Name,(Length(Name) - Find(Name,".")) - 1)

which just seems more elegant to me :wink:



Used the last one. Just because you think it’s more elegant. :grin: