Entity count well over limit before being alerted on free plan

When I was trying to create a new entity when a popup alerted me that I had reached the limit.
I went to the ‘Upgrade’ page to see the entity count and if any changes to “premium” features.

It seems I have managed to go well beyond the limit.

@Haslien We changed the algorithm and it will not count entities added via Import, for example, or that do not have Created By field set. But did not upgrade this page, thus there is a discrepancy. Thanks for noticing!

Nore sure what you mean by ‘import’, but if it helps I also used the API to insert new entities using batches of 100 entries per request if it makes any difference.

I am pretty sure they went over the limit now that I think about it. I was on ~345 before I started, and inserted about ~3–5 batch inserts of 100—however I managed to create multiple manual entries after that before reaching the “cap” notification.