Enhancements to "Apps & Templates" page

1. Drag Types to arrange them within their App (or to move them to another app)

2. Double-click Field names to edit Fields

  • When a Type is selected (its fields displayed on the right), it drives me nuts to have to use the three-dots menus to Edit a field.

3. Decluttering: Hiding unwanted relation lines

The problem: If I have, for example, a “Tags” Type that is related to many other Types in many Apps, it really clutters up the page with relation lines which I don’t usually want to see.

(“Mute” and “Solo” are audio engineering terms that refer to buttons on a mixing console that toggle an audio track’s status, allowing the the engineer to temporarily Mute specific tracks, and/or hear only certain track(s) [Solo them].)

  • To “Solo” relation lines for a Type – CTRL-click a Type to toggle its Solo status. When any Types are being Soloed, only their relation lines are displayed.
  • To “Mute” relation lines for a Type – ALT-click a Type to toggle its Mute status. All relation lines for Muted Types are always hidden.
  • Currently Muted/Soloed Types get displayed with a border/halo.
  • A “Reset Lines” button will reset the Mute/Solo status, making all relation lines visible.

Soloing a Type un-mutes it. Muting a Type un-solos it.