Email Integration Best Practices?

Howdy All,

Are there any best practices for email integration?

Some of the things I’ve learned thus far in my testing:

  • Each Email Sync Requires its own database
  • Users have to setup their own email integration (and have creator access)
  • Admins/other creators can’t modify another user’s integration
  • Related entities require viewer access to view messages linked from other workspaces (or inbox in this case)

My use case was attempting to build a departmental shared inbox for a CRM application without utilizing a forwarding email address, since the automations enabled capturing the sender info is pretty powerful. I’m realizing I may need to rethink this approach & setup each user with their own inbox & enable all the other users to have viewer access to these workspaces, unless I can figure out how to duplicate entities into a master database. However, at scale, thing will get very cluttered with too many spaces unless I can hide by default certain ones with filters (i.e. still allow access, but hide the space from view).

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Looking further into it, seems like the best practice will be each user with own inbox space & setup automation for duplicating message to shared departmental workspace.

Now I just need to learn how to duplicate an entity. But in my limited understanding of databases, my mind frowns upon storing information in 2 places.

Not quite true. Admins can always modify spaces/databases, no matter who created them. But setting up email syncing requires knowledge of the email account password (or the ability to generate an app password)

Anyway, some suggestions for things to consider:

  • use rules in your email server/client to copy emails to specific folders based on rules, and only sync these folders with Fibery (helps keep personal emails out of Fibery) OR use email server rules to forward emails to a specific email address, and only sync that account

  • use auto-relations to connect messages and contacts that have been synced via integration to other dbs in the workspace.

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