[DONE] Embedding views with Smart Folder context

Embedded views are really awesome but today we cannot embed views with a context filter from a Smart Folder.

One of our use case is using embedded views in documents that act as dashboards for all views related to a specific team. Those views are created once in a smart folder listing all teams. Each team needs such a document/dashboard. Today, we have to duplicate the “contextualized” views to remove the context before embedding them in the document. This is quite useless and creates a lot of clutter.

Any chance we can get this improvement added in the short term?
Thanks a lot

Out of curiosity, what are the views you need in the ‘dashboard’?
What are the reasons why the entity view for each Team is unable to function as a dashboard, given that views for relation fields can be quite highly customised?

I am not suggesting that your need is not valid, just trying to dig into what the ideal would look like.

Each team has weekly meetings that are quite structured. Each phase of the meetings are supported by one or several views involving different entities. Those views have different purpose and we can’t use a multi-entity view like boards or list has it quickly becomes unreadable.
To avoid to many back and forth, we are embedding the views in a document, following the weekly structure.

I assume these are entities from dbs related to the Team db.

Each relation on the entity view supports multiple views, so instead of clicking through the views in the left menu, you would just click through the alternative views for each telation and/or scroll down entity view to see each relation.

(No longer experimental)

That might have been an acceptable workaround if we had multiple entity views for a DB, not a single global view (Individual Layouts for a node, hide fields etc). As it stands, we cannot use the team entity view for the meeting purpose as it is way too cluttered by other fields that are necessary in other contexts but not during the meeting. Also the entity view offer much less capacity to format and document than the document with embedded views.
I was really thrilled when I saw the embedded views feature as I saw it as a possible way to work around the single entity view problem. But the inability to embed context-filtered views makes it much less useful to us. It still is a solid feature though, it just feels not completely finished.

Got it, thanks.

Since entity views can include rich text fields, is it primarily the ability to easily interleave text blocks and view blocks that makes a document preferable?

Since entity views can include rich text fields, is it primarily the ability to easily interleave text blocks and view blocks that makes a document preferable?

Yes and something else: if I have a new team and I want to “document” the entity view with some rich text fields, either I have to enter the texts manually or we use automation to fill them automatically (after all they are the same for each team) but rich text automations are really a pain to use (Copy-pasting and markdown interpretation in Rich Text automation actions). A document can be duplicated. It’s not ideal either since the embedded views have to be changed but it feels less clunky (maintaining automations add technical mental load on the long term).
For me, an ideal solution would be a “templated document” that you could add in a Smart Folder where you could reference in text blocks the fields of the entity setting the context and in which you could embed context-filtered views.

Context Views can be embedded into text now

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