[DONE] Embedded Context Views into Documents


I have tried to embed a view from a smart folder into a document (from the same smart folder). However, the view fails to load with the message

Failed to load list 474
Cannot find type for $object-public-id param. Please, ensure that all parameters are passed as ‘params’ argument to query.

I suppose it’s missing the filtering context inherited from the Smart folder. It seems to be the same issue noticed here though it was not raised as a bug :slight_smile:

This is not implemented yet, we are going to allow context views embedding soon

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I just noticed that I can embed a link to a View in a Rich Text using “#”, which is awesome :smiley:

However, it does not appear possible to embed a link to a view that is part of a Smart Folder hierarchy.

Will that be supported in the future? I suppose it would only make sense if we could use a formula to define the relationship we are looking for.

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Any update on this? I’m missing it badly :cry:

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This is done, please try and share your feedback