Create Rules using natural language

Amazing. Very excited to see how Fibery will incorporate AI.

I love Formula AI Assistant. I think Action/Rule AI Creation/Assistant would be great as well.


“Create an action button that sends {{Name}} of entity and {{State}} to this webhook:

The action will be created and auto-fill a script.


“Create type rule that triggers when {{State}} changes to :white_check_mark: Completed. Then, complete all linked entities as well. Also, send me a notification that the parent entity was completed”.

This will create the rule as well as add you as someone to be notified.

Then, as you create similar databases/types/apps, AI can start suggesting certain rules/actions being created.


This new App 2 is similar to “App 1”, would you like to create a rule that triggers when {{State}} is complete etc etc.

Just throwing this out there!

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