Colors in Cards based on End Date

I’m trying to do something very basic, but I’m unable to make it work correctly.

  • If the end date of the Task is Today, I want to color it orange
  • If the end date is in the past, I want to color it red
  • If in the next week, green

But it isn’t working. At the moment of testing it:

  • Day: Feb 13
  • Local Time: 7:45
  • UTC Time: 6:45

As you can see, if the end date is Feb 13 (Today) the card is green:

If I put the date as yesterday, the card is Orange instead of Red (End Date in the past):

Only If I go back two days, I get the red card:

According to the Timezones documentation the server uses UTC and I’m UTC+1 so this shouldn’t be a Timezone issue.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

It’s basically the same bug as this

TLDR end dates don’t behave as expected in filters/sorting/color coding.
Temporary fix is to use an offset of one day