CHANGELOG: May 20 / SAML SSO, Fibery Chrome Extension

Hi there, some new things we’ve released this week.

Authentication settings and SAML SSO

Now you can manage how your users sign in: via email+password, Google or Microsoft account, or SAML SSO (Okta, ActiveDirectory, etc.) Check the Authentication methods guide.

Manually managing dozens of users across tools and platforms is a hell of a job. We are paying more attention to users management and in this release you can finally configure Fibery with SAML SSO providers (Okta, Azure, OneLogin, or a custom identity provider (IDP)). Here is the SAML SSO setup guide.

NOTE: SAML SSO is available in Company Plan only.

Fibery Chrome Extension

Now you can select and save text from web pages using Fibery Chrome Extension.

It is very simplistic, but you can quickly save interesting links and ideas into Fibery. Please, provide us your feedback and ideas on how it can be improved. We are listening👂

:butterfly: Improvements

  • New filter: User is ME for any User relation
  • Allow Editor to add Context Views. For example, you see Teams using Smart Folders in the left menu, so now Editor will be able to add new Views for the Team entity.

:shrimp: Fixed Bugs

  • Zapier: Filename is missing
  • Do not search views by ID. Indeed, nobody does that…
  • Renaming App resets access settings on UI and it looks dangerously insecure (but in fact after the refresh UI looks fine again)
  • Cmd+K (Ctrl+K) doesn’t open Search popup when a Report is in focus

Nice! I did not expect to see the web clipper so soon. I will definitely experiment with it and try to provide some feedback. :slight_smile:

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This is indeed our need to make fibery to become inclusive project wiki together with freelance remote work our dream projects fiber as platform more professional user creator plat forms