Can't display "User Role" field in views (User)

In a View of Users, it’s not possible to display the “User Role” field (i.e. Guest/Member/Admin).

This would be useful!

No, but it is possible to write a script to check the role, and you could update a field in the User db to store the result (but the value would only be accurate based on the role at the last time the automation ran).


Is it likely that User Roles become entities with the upcoming improvement of Access Templates and group permissions?

Also, would an automatic granting of entity access be possible in the near future? This is like the most wanted feature in order to manage products and memberships.

No. Admins will always have access to everything. Access templates, permissions etc. are only relevant for Members (and to an extent Guests).

Yes, access that is dependent upon whether or not a User is Assigned (or linked via some othe relation) is in the pipeline.