Buggy Date Filter in Smart Folder

I’ve got 2 entities being displayed in a smart folder but based on the filter logic, it should only be one.

Week 6’s period is set to “Feb 5 - Feb 11” so it does not meet the “Period End - is on or after - Today” logic, but it’s still getting shown.

It’s a bug that is planned to be fixed, related to this:

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Hey @Chr1sG. It’s been a couple months and I know you’re releasing bugs fixes every week but this issue still seems to be happening. Is it a harder bug than usual bug to fix?

I don’t know how hard it is, but I am not aware of it being worked on, sorry

No problem, just curious why fixing this bug seemed to be taking longer than others since you had mentioned there in February there was a plan to fix it. I’m not sure how you prioritize your bug backlog. :slight_smile:

I guess my wording was misleading. There is an expectation to fix it, at some point, but it has not been highly prioritized, so is not currently assigned to anyone.
I don’t know if anyone has looked into how long it will take to fix.

In general, we prioritise based on a combination of things: how often it has been reported, how painful any workarounds are, how important the customers reporting it are (we love you all, of course), how badly we are affected ourselves, how it fits in the bigger strategic vision, which developers have the skill and time to fix it, etc.

At the moment, this bug is not high priority, mostly because we don’t have a lot of complaints and the workaround (add a day to your filter criterion) isn’t that awful.

Understood, makes sense. Thanks!