BUG: fibery.createEntity(): checkbox field has wrong value

I created a new entity and specified false as the value of a checkbox field. Although the returned result value of the created entity looks correct, the checkbox field in the entity view is checked (true).

Looks correct here:

But not here:

Hello. I’ve tried your scenario and failed to reproduce the problem.
This is the script I’ve tried (based on your example):

const fibery = context.getService('fibery');

const entity = args.currentEntities[0];

await fibery.createEntity("Test", { Name: entity.Name + "someName", "Checkbox": false, State: "Done", Rank: 1000 });

Could it somehow be, that those Checkbox field is changed by some other automation?
You may look over created entity history to check if this is the case.

Another thing we may try – share your workspace with us as a template, I’ll try to install a template and reproduce there.

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Yes that was it, thank you.
It would be useful if the Entity History showed which script performed the action: