Best way to create entities from rows in web-hosted XML file?

We use a Yoast SEO plugin to generate sitemaps for our clients. The sitemaps get created as XML files that live on the client’s website. Here’s an example of what the file would look like:

I’d like to be able to input the URL of the file into a text field on a [Site] entity in Fibery and then loop through each row and automatically create [Page] entities for each URL that is listed in the file.

I’m not a developer myself, but I’m trying to get a general estimate on the feasibility and resources required to do something like this before I engage more technical resources on my team.

Could anyone help confirm this is even realistically possible, and if so help suggest what API elements would need to be leveraged to achieve this? Thank you!

This is one way, maybe it is good enough

Thank you @mdubakov!

I will explore that option further. For us, automating the entry of the row data into Fibery is important to maximize speed and accuracy, but if it’s easier to dump it into a rich text field that can be more easily manipulated than a something like a file import even better.

You definitely can build a service that will take XML file, parses it and uses Fibery API to create entities. For a developer it may take 1 day to do.