Bespoke Views on Entities

I still feel the way fibery is structured in terms of app is not helpful when trying to arrange project views. Typically I and my project teams would like to display things along custom lines not entity lines(if you get my drift).

For example

I would typically have the following setup with sub folders. I have even had program folders above the project node shown.
Having to stick with app specific folder views is quite limiting to be honest. One of the best things about TP is being able to setup such views of work and items and the process/workflows and entity types are left in the background.

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@Paul_Cleghorn We are thinking about more flexibility in left menu.

  1. By default we want to provide simple straight structure to the users
  2. For advanced scenarios we want to provide flexible solution.

So it is likely that we will add a possibility to create custom left menu sections with folders and views.

What do you have inside Scope Bank, Planning and Current Sprint folders?

Here is one potential solution. This video shows nested Programs and Projects and for each Program or Project you can create a set of Views

I think if we will add Folders inside these panels you will have exactly the same structure as you provided on the image. What do you think?

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Here’s a video of the TP folder structure and what lies within it.

What you’ve shown may work. I’d have to have a play with it first.

Ah! I just posted a feature request that I think is similar to the video demo (which I like, I think):

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