Alias for entities

I would like the ability to set aliases for entities.

Instead of “Jonathan Bentley” I would like to show “Jon”. Instead of “Elizabeth Bentley” I want to type “Lizzy” or “baby girl”.

Also useful for language learning.

Just realized I guess I can just type whatever I want then link to the entity which works for my purposes.

hmm, i have the same need for this, can we have any suggestion link or some mechanic for alias . I have interaction database and get a lot of conversation. calling the alias or nickname so much. I just wanna link to some critical point not wanna link to point out the source only

Still interested in entity aliases, in which link to entity is not sufficient, e.g.

  1. Multiple Names: Support “USA” and “US” as aliases for “United States of America.”
  2. Localization: Allow “États-Unis” as a French alias for “United States.”
  3. Synonyms: Accommodate “HR” as an alias for “Human Resources.”
  4. Merging Entities: Retain “Acme Corp” as an alias when merging with “Acme Incorporated.”
  5. Historical Names: Store “Ceylon” as an alias for “Sri Lanka.”
  6. SEO: Use “NYC” as an alias to improve search results for “New York City.”
  7. User Preferences: Let users set “SF” as a preferred alias for “San Francisco.”
  8. System Integration: Map “Customer” in Fibery to “Client” in another system.
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Yuri, I miss aliases too. Maybe they can implement YAML in general. :slight_smile:

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This is a very interesting idea. I think aliases are very helpful and important when you are trying to manage knowledge rather than just build a databased based tool.

CIDOC-CRM, an ontology that is used for cultural heritage, has an entity called appellation which I always found very interesting an instructive since not only does it allow different names to be associated with the same entity, but it also allows for more context for how that name applies, things like the language/context/place where the name is used, the period that name was in use, … . This is a very specific application of a knowledge graph. We had some discussions on this here:

While not exactly the same thing, I think being able to describe relationships between entities in the system that are basically fragments of the same thing (e.g. a contact in CRM, an employee in HR database and a user in the authentication database contain fragments of information about the same person):


So we need YAML for sure
also, search bar not optimize if cant query alias or inline rich text

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