Add 'Copy Email Address' to the right-click menu

Users trying to copy the email address from the email address field, try two things:

  • Right-click and select ‘copy link’, which results in the clipboard having the URL to the entity, not the email address.

  • Left-clicking on the email address redirects to 'mailto:[email address]

  • What works is selecting the cell with the email address, then Ctrl-C but that may not be the most intuitive way.

So this feature request is to add a ‘Copy Email Address’ to the right-click menu when the field contains an email address.


Honestly, I wish all emails, URLs and phone numbers would have a little “go” icon on the right (like entities) and otherwise clicking on them just places the cursor like a text field.

Then I can edit or click, CMD+A, CMD+C and done. :pray: