View of images in Board View

Hi guys, Fibery has great boards. I think it would be a real bonus addition if we could see images on boards. This would be useful for planning webpages, content, all kinds of uses.

I assume you guys may be planning this but just wanted to post for the record, and for the community to comment on potentially!

This is related to the Figma integration discussion here, so wanted to post this related request as well, hopefully it’s useful!

Thanks guys!


@B_Sp This is in near future plans

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Great to hear Michael, thank you for the information!

Keep up the great work guys!

Hi Michael. Aren’t we there yet?

Yes thanks for bringing up. Reading this post:

I almost think the “Gallery View” is nothing more than the Board view with images from a file attachment as Michael described. We shall see!

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Which would more or less meet the need though, right?

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Yes, unless Gallery View has something “extra” aside from images - I know other apps have something called “Gallery View” - Notion, etc. - and it’s of good benefit, I would just like to see images in the board, as I could really use that particular function.

This also reminds me of the Figma integration, which sadly seems to be in a deep back burner. Assuming you aren’t developing your own Real Estate Website with Fibery, I’m guessing this might not be that useful to you, but as with increased two-way integration with Intercom which was recently suggested, Figma intergration is absolutely big for Product Teams developing any Software with an actual front end accessed by Users. I’d venture to say there are exponentially more users of Figma amongst Fibery target Product Team customers than Discourse…in the initial talks of integration, Figma was right at the top and Discourse nowhere to be found in fact! Really baffling to me that the team decided to develop integrations to serve their own need vs. actual ones the market needs, like Figma, Calendar, Mail, etc.

Literally every software tool I use has a Discourse forum… :joy:

What would a Figma integration actually do? Are there fields in Figma you’d import over or just “live” design updates or something?? If this goes more than another reply we should fork the thread. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Ok, you’re serious re: Discourse? I would argue that Canny actually has greater market share amongst Feedback boards, which is where this forum gets most of its action - I’m talking the “Feature Request” area. The only substantial competitors to Fibery that use Discourse I can think of are:


And Asana and Monday actually collect votes on features unlike here!

To actually collect Product Feedback. I am well familiar with Discourse and I’d claim it’s geared towards community functionality and not designed to handle Product Feedback.

If you look at this chart:

I’d venture to say maybe 10% of those tools use Discourse to collect feedback about features, if that. Of course neither of us will do that survey…:). But I’m well familiar with this space and if you’re talking about Fibery competitors, or just about any software I can think of for productivity, sorry I just haven’t seen Discourse used for that need.

Either way, the Fibery team made a decision and they will be proven right or wrong. I am a growing product team and I could really use Figma. Whether others come along and have the same sentiment - we’ll see. There was a nice overview whiteboard piece in the annals of Fibery - I can’t really now was it a blog post, here in the community, or somewhere else - where they outlined a whole bunch on the approach to the Figma integration. Even if it was just what you suggest with an embed, we don’t have that either! Although it was teased here:

Hopefully this discussion will be of use to some users or visitors here!

Unfortunately we put this feature on hold so far. It’s implementation demands to re-design Files & Attachments first and we decided to do it later. Hope to get back to it in a few weeks.

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Well, I’m going to have to chalk this up to just differing experience. I see Discourse used a lot. Add to your list tools like Obsidian, Roam, Logseq… OK those are all in the same space. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: But basically it is used a lot in small companies, in my experience. Canny is not cheap, as I understand it, that may be one reason. But regardless as you say they made a choice and it remains to be seen if it was the right one, I guess. More importantly only Fibery will really know, I think.

Having said all that I’m still unclear on your specific strong use case for Figma integration. I get that Fibery themselves posted about it somewhere, but you don’t need to find that to describe what you want the integration to do. Tell me more!

Could you please let me know if this is going to be implemented this year? I need to make go/no go decision regarding Fibery. I was hoping to migrate from Airtable but currently Fibery is not capable enough.


Agree, still waiting for this, not much in the way of an update lately, either…

seems that didn’t happen.