Undo/Redo for View configuration editing

It is waaaay too easy to destroy hours of work in a View, simply by selecting the “wrong” thing (or something that doesn’t work the way you expect) - and there is currently no way to undo the damage.

If you inadvertently change the wrong element of the Rows configuration of a List/Grid view, that can delete everything else in the view configuration:

  • Columns selection
  • Filters
  • Sorting
  • Color rules

Nothing to do but start all over from scratch :roll_eyes:

For now the only “solution” is to always duplicate a view before editing it, for safe-keeping.

I think another way to make all this less of an occurrence is to add some friction:

  1. Have an ability to lock views (or have a config mode), so that critical changes won’t be made or that means any change is temporary (until I reload) when done in locked mode.
  2. In combination with the above, allow at the user to choose overwriting and saving the previous config at the end of configuring.
  3. With the view show how often and by who this view is visited so one knows if this is a critical view or something hardly ever used, so before changing I can decide to duplicate.

I would imagine that undo is a little tricky.