Turning off fuzzy search?

We have devices with exact serial numbers in Fibery, and we often search for them using these serial numbers. Unfortunately, at some point (i swear this didn’t use to happen) the search became “fuzzy” and started showing a bunch of results with similar serial numbers that were not actually the device I was looking for.

So a search for FCW2546YKGA would return FCW2546YKGC, FCW2546YKG7, FCW2546YKG2 and FCW2546YKGK, and not necessarily in the correct order, leading to easy mistakes.

Is it possible to enforce strict search results in some way?

I can understand that it’s not welcome in your situation. But for our use cases I was pleasantly surprised with the new search function!

Normally I needed to know the exact name of a task (and often I don’t know that).

While currently I get all tasks that are somehow related and contain the word I was searching for.

Adding this will solve all use cases I think :smile:

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I wonder if the very common “put the exact search term in quotes” approach could solve it elegantly and in a familiar way. Obviously a toggle for “exact search term” or whatever could also work, but I like the in-line search notation approach in general… Would be great if we could do more with that too, e.g. "FCW254" -xyz DB:blahblah to search for FCW254 (exact), excluding results that have xyz, in specific database “blahblah”.