[TOIMPLEMENT] Table view re-order rows

Is it possible to re-order the table list rows?

I have a table with projects and a board view of all projects with tasks.
Now I want to be able change the order of the projects displayed in the board view.
The ordering is done now by the id set in the table view. Is there a way to switch positions of the rows? Drag and drop would be really nice feature to re-arrange the rows.


@Suprevo Unfortunately rows dnd is not there yet. We have this in future plans.


Just wanted to also add that this would be extremely useful, and really a fundamental. Great that you guys have this already in the apps pane on the left of the app, eagerly awaiting this in rows! Would use it to prioritize items ala backlog grooming.


Yes this feature is really important. I just found out it is not possible :frowning:

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