Timeline view backlog improvement

I found this by searching in this forum and happening on someone else’s question, but I love the backlog in Timeline view, that appears when you click the inbox icon next to the view’s name. It’s kind of a secret, like alt/opt-clicking some of the things to see the json.

Currently when you click the backlog item, you get a “plan for today” and a “open details” selection in the dropdown menu.

It would be good if you had a couple more, just to reduce friction and clicking:

  • plan for today
  • plan for tomorrow
  • plan for next week
  • open details

Thanks for possibly considering.

This is interesting and please add my vote! I have not gotten this deep into Fibery yet but eager to find this feature and see it in action! My vote here is mainly due to 100% agreement that as many possible shortcuts that can be implemented of this nature, that reduce keystrokes, are always good.