Support User notifications and prompts in Actions, Scripts (Dialog Box)

I’m wondering how best to communicate with a user about missing requirements – e.g., to inform that that certain necessary conditions have not been met to allow their requested action to be completed.

Let’s say I have an action Button for “Complete the current step in this Workflow and move to the next Step”.

The action/script will verify that the necessary conditions exist for the action, but if they haven’t, then notify the user about what’s missing.

How is this sort of user notification and intervention best accomplished?

Is it possible to present the user with options (or text input fields) in a Dialog box, and record or act on the user’s response?

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Yes, this would be very helpful. I’m currently struggling to create simple workflows for end users.

FYI it is now possible to provide custom messages in automations.

Not quite the solution being asked for her, but thought it was relevant.