Suggestions for Intercom Integration

Hi Guys,

I wanted to add in some ideas for what I’m hoping to see for the Intercom integrations. I thought I’d provide this as you had a request in Twitter for the upcoming GitHub integration. This is another important integration for my team:

So here goes!

One reason I am using Fibery is to bring my CRM functionality into my work management tool. I have not had success with Salesforce, Hubspot, etc. and integrating with work that needs to be done around my entire team. So when you guys seemed to move off of the CRM focus (for now only I hope!):

I decided to do even more in Fibery itself to handle my CRM needs. Also, @mdubakov I noticed in your video Fibery on Fibery you seem to have a nice CRM functionality that you built within Fibery.

So I’d like to see the Intercom integration complement as much as possible using Fibery as a CRM to track leads that are coming through Intercom. With that in mind, things like:

  • 2 way sync with Intercom tasks and Fibery tasks

  • Feature Request tracking: Tie in conversations in Fibery to specific users making the request, by connecting to their entities in Fibery

  • Possible creation of new entity in Fibery that’s a CRM record from a new lead that comes in through Intercom.

Also, I think you guys are really focusing on Product Development and feedback loops, lean product mgmt, and other good, modern practices with the Intercom integration, based on what I’ve read in your Medium, Twitter, etc. So I’d love to see big capability here:

  • Ability to link Intercom convos into Fibery entities of “Feature Requests” that in turn can link to planned Features in a Prod. Dev. App

  • Create Feature Requests from Intercom conversations.

Some of the Product Management apps out there, like ProductBoard, have integrations with Intercom that are geared towards this capability.

I hope that all makes sense, and eager to see the Integration when you guys get to it! If you are tracking, I would vote to get GitHub done first, then Intercom. I need both, but I need GitHub more :slight_smile:

Did you mange to bring tagged conversations to Fibery? Intercom trigger “Tagged conversation” doesn’t even provide the tag used… so not sure how to add feature requests conversation to Fibery.

My goal is simple: when I tag a message in Intercom with “feature request” tag create a new entity on Fiber, but seems that’s not possible (probably Intercom’s fault though) because the trigger fields doesn’t give me that tag used so it’s useless.

Hey, are you referring to the Zapier integration? For now, I’ve done nothing with Intercom as I’m holding out for the native integration that the Fibery team is working on.

That’s interesting though, as it sounds like you are already integrating with Zapier or perhaps some other Middleware? I may try to get started in that case prior to the release of the Native integration…

Yes, using Zapier. I managed to add conversations to Fibery when they get tagged on Intercom but can’t get what tags are used.