Suggestion: Generate map view reports

Hey everyone,

Using the native World integration as part of our product roadmap, we would like to be able to use the country information in order to generate visual-friendly automatic report.
Today, we are using tables to identify our geographic deployments, but being able to visualize the information on a map should be very helpful/mind-blowing.

Information to display for each country should be the different roadmap items (incl. some key caracteristics) and roadmap item status.
Could be great to keep the current filter capacities to generate specific views depending on audience.

Thanks for your feedback on this one, don’t hesitate if you some more details on this one.


I agree this would be a huge improvement to the platform that I would make lots of use of. However, as I understand it desired use cases of Fibery as a geospatial database/map viewer are few and far between. I have high hopes that the platform will eventually have a similar extension marketplace similar to Coda. Until such a time, the mad genius known as @cannibalflea devised somewhat of a workaround that is explained here: