Sticky 1st column in list views

In list views, when you have a lot of columns and a relatively small screen, having the ability to lock a column as sticky (usually the “name” of the entity, which is at the left) would help in filling out some of the fields to the right

Airtable does so :

There are workarounds : reordering columns manually, creating multiple views with only a subset of the columns you need, etc…
Si it’s probably not the highest priority ; but nice-to-have, and kind of a “basic” of table management.


I’m sorry to unearth this request but the more I use fibery, the more it appears to be important rather than a small quality of life improvement. Not a deal-breaker, but painful for users.

When reviewing a backlog, or filling out a RICE score for a bunch of features, it would help tremendously, allowing to fill a whole column for all rows in one go rather than scrolling back and forth endlessly…

Is this feature planned sometime in 2021? :slightly_smiling_face:

An alternative could be to allow the text in the “name” column to wrap to the line, excel-style. Airtable also does that, as seen in the picture. Could be another option!


Thanks for raising that topic :sparkling_heart:
Not sure about eta, but it is very likely to be implemented in the nearest future (in the interval between the completion of the current features)

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