Search should include Files (file name)

Currently it appears that attached files on Entities do not show up in the normal Search (“quick search”) results. I think Search should index attached file names. Clicking on a result in the search should probably take you to that entity, ideally to an anchor link of the file section, and even more ideally highlighting the file in question. Alternatively it could just open the file directly in a new tab, as the current open-file behavior works from an Entity view.

I think treating files like an entity might be a good approach. That way we might also be able to add some additional metadata (things like draft/final, revision, etc.). I think this also helps by allowing multiple entities to reference the same file without having to upload it multiple times.

I know that some of this is possible to do with a custom database with a file field but we it would be better if this was a special entity like users and had some nice file specific things like a file browser, version control (and who knows in the future even some editors). I know, I got carried away again!


Oh, that’s quite an interesting idea! I certainly like it in concept.

If files are to be treated as an entity, could you use Fibery as some sort of asset/brand library? :thinking:
I mean, you could tag images with fields, then search by those fields? Documents containing textual guides with image examples? Databases containing types of assets, like Icons, Illustrations, Photos, Logos, Colours, etc., with metadata tags like “Approved”, “Facebook”, etc.

Somewhat already possible, but then the focus is more on the entity in the database that simply has attachment than it being the item of focus.


Yeah, it could be very cool! Of course, as much as this would be a great use of Fibery (in my view), it seems out of scope for what they have so far expressed wanting to focus on. And would probably require some adjustments to pricing again, or maybe just the option to buy “storage nodes” or something as the team file repository grows. But personally I’d be in favor of that!

I agree with this, I’d be happy for a simple implementation where you could just search on filenames. Sometimes you know you attached a file to an entity but can’t remember where, and can’t remember the whole file, but you can remember some of the name. If you could find it in search that would help a lot!

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My main incentive in treating files as entities is to allow you to reference them in text and connect them to multiple entities. This is how fibery fundamentally works so I feel it is not stretch to apply it to files. Having files (at least file names) searchable is just a nice bonus :grinning:

That would be a good option. I also think maybe allowing an integration with major cloud storage platforms so that files are actually stored elsewhere could also be a good short-term solution. Given that currently you cannot backup your files out of fibery or really do anything interesting like sync or edit, I think going in this direction in the short term might give users what they need without a lot of investment in the storage stack. Fibery can always add that service to the platform in the future.

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Oh yes, that’s an excellent point. And this might allow for importing data that is created in other tools like Dropbox, e.g. tagging, and being able to reflect and use that in Fibery, which would be very cool! You could then simply augment the file storage synced data in the normal Fibery way. It also has the nice properties of avoiding that extra storage burden and possible related infrastructure changes, as well as being implementable (I would think) mostly within the demonstrated capabilities of the existing integration system.

I think this is a very good concept, and should probably be its own feature request. I see there is some mention of this in other topics, but I don’t see an actual, stand-alone request. Perhaps you’d like to make one?