Rows of data for each entity (2D data entry)

Hi everyone,

Apologies for the bad title. Not sure how best to put this but I am wondering if anyone has come across a situation where they needed a table for data entry inside an entity.

The use case I have in mind is for tracking invoices and progress payments. At the beginning of a project, I would like to setup a work breakdown structure or list of tasks and the allocated budget for each item. As I get invoices, I would be charging amounts to some (or all of these line items/rows). I would like to be able to track how much has been spent so far and how much is remaining. Normally, I would be able to create an excel table like this:

However, I am really struggling on how to model this with entities in Fibery and how to I can do the data entry without a table or matrix representation. Here is how I was thinking of modeling the entities:

My big challenge is how to enter each row of partial payments for each task for each invoice. Hoping there is a straightforward way of doing this.

I don’t think there is an especially easy/convenient way of doing what you want, since the data in the invoice needs to be linked in two dimensions (e.g. $3000 needs to be part of Invoice 1 but also related to the Task called Design Development) which is not necessarily something fibery is good at.
It’s something that I’ve encountered before.
Potentially, when the ability to limit relation linking based on filters is implemented, then you could achieve it by making the Invoice entity contain a collection of ‘Invoice amount’ entities, and then these can have a relation to a Task, selectable based on a shortlist of Tasks that meet the filter Task.Project = Invoice.Project.
In the meantime, a workaround with single select fields and/or auto relations might get you something close, but probably a bit kludgy.


Sorry for the waiting
Here is a video of how to configure it

And with this link

you can easily download all the setup and play around :slight_smile:
Please, let me know if you need any other help :hugs:


Yeah, that was what I was hinting at.
I suppose that I assumed that @cannibalflea would want to link an invoice to a specific project, and thereby the ensure that the amounts on each invoice would only be able to link to tasks that are from the project that the invoice is linked to. To be fair, I can see that this may have just been me projecting…
Just out of interest, what’s the closest that Fibery can come to generating a table of data like the image @cannibalflea included? Either using a board view, or maybe a report of some sort…?