🔮 ROADMAP (Features we are working on or will work on soon) UPDATED: 13 Sep 2021

This top-level post is updated on a weekly basis (approximately).

NOW: Working on

NEXT: Consider for near future (1-2 months)


SUPER excited for all the stuff being added to In-dev this week! I see a lot of things I definitely would have use for, made my Monday a lot better :grinning:


Yeah, 100% agree! I was reading down the list and got more and more hyped about the near future of Fibery. :rocket:

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Love seeing the progress y’all are making here. Keep up the great work!

By the way, for anyone who wants to see what was added recently to the main topic up there :point_up: you can click the little :pencil2: icon on the upper-right:
to see the change comparison view, then and just scroll down and look for stuff highlighted in green.

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very good progress