Request: ⏩ Fixed Name Column

Hi! Did not see this request in FRs.

It would be nice to have fixed name columns (at least the name) so that as you traverse a table, the name column follows so that you can see what name the row pertains to. I know this is already on the row “numbers” but the name would be even more helpful!

Airtable Example:



I’ve experienced cases where this would be handy too.

As of right now one of the most used table for us are structures with key column pushed more towards the right, so it’s easier to follow the row left or right for additional information revolving around it.

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Hi there!
We have a story in the Backlog - “Freeze column on the horizontal scroll”.
Your votes are counted, many thanks for that and for the Airtable gif especially! :sparkling_heart:

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