Read-only documents

We are thinking about creating a knowledge base in Fibery. The problem right now is it’s possible to edit documents accidentally. It would be great to just make them as a read-only. Ultimately to provide edit rights to specific users.

I believe Entity-level permissions are on the roadmap.


Thanks. Good if it is.

Yes would love an update as to when!

Yeah for a large subset of my entries, I rarely want to edit them after the fact, but have fat-fingered a few in my time. Would love to “lock” these.

rich-markdown-editor has a nice feature: you can allow tick-boxes to be filled for otherwise read-only docs


To be honest, I am not sure that would be implemented in the nearest future. I’m not sure either whether it would be solved by Entity-Permissions as well. I understand the idea - it is more like “locking” documents/entities, protection from accidents - not a strategy policy.

We would continue collecting such requests and will see, whether that can be a case, that will be supported by one of the planned features from the backlog.

Thanks for the interesting case to think about!

@Polina_Zenevich sad to hear. Things like that stop us with migration to Fibery.

Curious to know, where it will be solved better. Would be glad to learn better practices! :muscle:

JIRA has good sharing set up.

Documents need a lot of work and I’m dissapointed to see the team is not focused on solving this. I end up getting back to Clickup and Coda for this and I hate it.

Some things that are required:

  • option to share the document link to others read only
  • Setting different colors for text or backgroud of the text(highlight)
  • checkboxes inside a document can’t have sub-items/sub-checkboxes
  • cannot link to different places of the same document for navigation
  • cannot drag-drop content blocks

These are the major one Fibery lacks for a good enough documentation tool to replace Clickup/Coda


I have to say I’m concerned too re: pace of development. My team’s pain on a daily basis as we struggle with Fibery’s shortcomings, such as this missing feature, is real. The one ray of hope had been the team’s periodic declarations that they want to build what we are missing. But Twitter is almost devoid of real organic feature updates these days. And I can’t see what Fibery 2.0 is going to add that we don’t have, so with that big day coming, I assume nothing new is around the corner anytime soon because of the focus on 2.0 and whatever it includes. The team hasn’t really said much of substance here in Discourse lately, either. By that I mean specifics on when, not if, a discussed feature badly needed, like this one, is coming.

Hi @B_Sp and @Jean

I agree that we don’t release many features last months, but there are reasons for that. Mainly infrastructure changes and performance improvements. In the next few weeks you can expect:

  1. Mentions in inline comments
  2. Entity History
  3. Hierarchical Lists

We also started Automation initiative, it is huge.

As for documents improvements, we do have the nearest future plans to improve them, but we have to think deeply about the current rich edit implementation, since we have many interesting ideas on how to make documents construction mich better.


Thanks in advance!!!