Pricing initial feedback

Hi, on, it talks about the pricing concept. A couple points of feedback on that:

  • if number of entites are limited, I think it should be easily possible to archive them
  • archiving could be some magic you do, where the entities are moved to a cheaper storage, or, something we do, like export an xml or json file, which can be re-loaded if we need to
  • auto-archive to some offsite storage, like saving an xml file to an sftp server or s3 bucket for instance, would be slick
  • is your intent to just have the system stop working, if the org hits the limits?

I have no concept yet of how soon we would hit the limits, if we got the 17 dollar / user / mo version.

Thanks for the feedback! The pricing is not final, we are going to review and adjust it based on people feedback.

  1. So far you can delete entities and free space.
  2. Now you can export an app with the whole entities and import it again if required

Here is what will happen when you’ll reach the limit:

If you reach entities or attachments limit, we will let you know. You will be able to use your account without any restrictions for 14 days. This is the best time to upgrade your Fibery plan :wink:

If you don’t upgrade during these two weeks, you won’t be able to create new entities, attach files or set up new automations any more — depending on the particular limit you hit.

Also note:

If you took part in our private beta, you’ll have 12 months for free without any limitations starting from the day of the public launch.

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