[PLANNED] Table view Description field / Rich Edit fields in Table View

I’d like to suggest: In a Table view, you consider adding:

  • ability to select the Description field for display

There are some use cases I can think of, where people might want to show a bit of narrative on one or more records, and having that be able to be shown could be helpful. You could make a view that is just the Description field, and sort/filter it by whatever.

I think maybe I can just add a multiline text field as a custom field, but since description already exists, it seems like it should be usable.

I hope you can consider.


Agree here. In fact, would you guys consider some kind of configurable way allowing a user to determine on his/her own which column/field is the “display”? This would be similar to tools like Coda where you can set up a “display column” and then the entity is referenced by that field across the app.


Agreed. I spent at least an hour with help docs, videos, templates and Intercom chat - all trying to figure out why the default “Description” field is not displayable in any actual views. It appears Rich Text fields can only be viewed at the entity level. Default fields should be viewable throughout the application. Most of my use cases involve the need to see the entity descriptions next to the names, rather than forcing users to click inside one-by-one.


Would you guys consider having the ability via settings to let the table view “expand,” which would then better accommodate the Rich Text field?

Notion has this and it’s useful:


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+1 to this.

Coda I think has it better implemented since the wrap text function can be set per column not entire table. Being able to do something like this will be amazing:

I think when the rich text fields will be able to be shown on boards and tables, wrapping can be set at field level.

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Jean, yes agreed what you propose would be even better! I in fact have used both Coda and Notion, and found that Notion’s solution was more limiting when it came to Rich Text as it won’t show the entirety of a column, while Coda will.

Thanks for the suggestion maybe the team will take our ideas into consideration!

Hi Guys,

Just wanted to flag up again that I am very curious about when you plan to implement this. It’s a really big one for my team, we use Rich Text Fields heavily, often having 3 - 4 per Type as a way to create a sort of Template, like in a Project things like one Rich Text for “Goal,” another for “Overview,” another for “Outcome,” etc.

It would be really useful to dig into those without having to open the entities, and also be able to see the info in there when the Entity is in a table-like format, either in Table View itself, or in the “Collections” view.

There’s a very similar request here:

Thanks as always!

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While having rich text fully viewable in tables is obviously impractical, I get a very clear picture of a nice, quick popup modal view with the full text just for that rich text field (a preview shown in the table column and accessing the popup from a click). Is that what you had in mind?

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Hey, yes there are some good examples and discussion of exactly that in this other post:

I would like the ability to wrap in the Table view itself, like you can do in Notion, but in particular Coda where you can see the entire contents of multiple Rich Text Fields if you have them in a “Row” in Coda. But a pop-out you could edit inline would be excellent no question!

I also think it would be great comments also got this treatment, it’s a great way to see the latest updates on Entities at a glance, too. That was discussed mainly here:

…just in case there are others who would like this type of functionality and haven’t found those other posts!

I love how it has been implemented in Airtable. So, the adjustable row height would be a great addition instead of wrapping the text. Though wrapping would be cool to have as well.

As per my use case, the first few lines are enough for me in the table view. I would not want to see everything because it would be so overwhelming. It would help me indicate that data are there, quickly view what I have there by just looking at the first few lines. It would also help me in sorting, filtering, searching, etc.

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Yes, Airtable’s is a good example as well I think.

I really think if we could inline Edit, there is a ton of benefit, no matter what UI we get for actually seeing the content of the Rich Text. My vote remains the ability to “wrap” like in Notion or Coda so you can see the full context, even if that means you get some very long tables as a result. Since this would be a setting you could turn on and off, the user would be able to switch back and forth.