[PLANNED] Improve Timeline Readability

I have played around with the Timeline view some and think it could use at least one important update to greatly improve the utility of it.

Currently, the timeline view always puts the text of the entity inside the element that is shown on the timeline for it. This almost never works out well for a roadmap that is going to be viewed at varying levels of date granularity, and every roadmapping tool I’ve come across provides an option to put the text outside the element.

For example, here is an excerpt of a roadmap we have in Roadmunk:

If this was in Fibery, it would say “Critical Po…” instead of “Critical Post Release Bugs” and “Opti…” instead of “Optimize Filter Bar”. If product teams are going to use Fibery for managing roadmaps, then the roadmaps need to be more readable without direct interaction. Many of our roadmaps we’ll take screenshots of and share them in meeting slides, which just wouldn’t be an effective use case at the moment.

Notion recently released a timeline view and they have a different solution of greying out the text that overflows the element, but not sure how well this works in practice.

Truncated text in current Timeline view:

More Options for Improving Readability:

  • Allow customizing the view to increase the height of the element to at least 2 lines
  • Minimize the padding a bit within the element
  • Adjust the font size up or down
  • Improve the display when you are showing more than just the name of the entity (See screenshot below)

Showing multiple points of information in Fibery:


@rothnic this is great, I am feeling that we have very similar needs from Fibery!

Could you have a look at this link:

You’ll see links to three very similar requests around word wrap limitations in Timelines, and also the whole post that link is in has some good stuff related to what you are referring to in timeline. I encourage you to “heart” away on those requests, as apparently that will increase the value of those features in the Fibery backlog, although as @Oshyan and I have discussed, the Fibery team has not come out and explained clearly how they count requests here in the forum. For example, to “hearts” on the initial post get all the value, or do responses with hearts also count?

Also, curious about your thoughts here:

And the related:

Having a secondary date on a timeline is very useful. It’s well done in Zenkit:

and your Roadmunk example is also a nice illustration of how bespoke timelines are a must in Product Development. And since Fibery is going big here, we could really use improved Timelines.

Finally, this is also a must in my book for Timelines:

Sadly, I have zero support on that one, but I remain in bad need of dependency handling in Fibery. Talk about a basic functionality in Product Development and Task Management. And something most other quality apps have with often advanced feature sets.


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