Phone number field/extension

I am building up a contact list app that I can then link to my meeting notes and action items. It would be great if we could have fields designed for phone numbers that could format and validate the content. It would be great if they could also trigger call behaviour on smartphones.

The email field seems to provide validation but there doesn’t seem to be a way of triggering the default mail application to compose a new message. That would be a great addition as well.

Apologies for inundating the community with (half-baked) requests!


@anayericov This will be implemented in future, we are definitely going to add all possible fields into domain


Any hope of this in Q3 this year?
I think that it would be easier to move some of my enterprise clients to Fibery if I can build a robust CRM here.


Hey @helloitse I really second the sentiment about using Fibery for a CRM. The capability is here, we have the API and Vizidrop as great supplements too - for import of data and analysis, respectively, that the other nocode stuff can’t duplicate.

Definitely the phone # data type would be key though to make this work!

I regularly check the Changelog posts for any word of this feature. I’m worried though that Airtable will launch an official solution for syncing bases before it exists. This could be an easy win for the Fibery team.

:rofl: I got a good chuckle out of this.

+1 upvote from me.

Oddly enough, it’s here: See Synced tables


I am glad to see this:

But I more readily need this request, so trying to bump again. @Team Fibery, any update? I am wondering how hard an implementation this would be? One huge benefit is my computer recognizes the phone # format so I can click to call contacts once this is implemented. Otherwise I have to use a text field and the computer doesn’t auto link that in the least.

@helloitse good to see you here:

Would be grateful if you could pop back over here and give this another bump, too! As well as possibly @JMaynier as you have shown an lot of interest in CRM use in Fibery! I believe you too @colman?


I have survived with just text fields so far, but I don’t have any exciting workflows based on phone numbers just yet - mostly email. I think it would be great and potentially not a huge lift (well, of course everything comes with an opportunity cost), although it’s not currently a huge pain point on my end