Permissions at Folder level

Hi. I am thinking if/how Fibery can replace Jira and see a big problem / lack of feature:
I need to have globally configured Software Development app with Epics, Tasks (Features/Bugs), Sub-Tasks, with standard workflow, with Worklogs against Tasks/Subtasks. And I want to assign all of these to Projects (another entity).
And each project should have it’s own “space” - where people who has access to it can see only this project’s information.: only this project’s Epics, Tasks, Subtasks, Worklogs, and Users only assigned to this project.
I thought I could create all the entities, could create each project as a folder and could set permissions inside that folder - but I don’t see such feature.
So I suggest to implement it.

We have this in a roadmap and call it Entity level permissions Entity-level permissions
I hope it will be implemented this year.