[Nice-to-have] View descriptions

Would be nice an optional rich text description that will appear just below the view name. On my views in Coda and Notion I always add some extra info or instructions about the view, it also helps with context for new team members. Since Fibery views are not inserted inside documents, I think a rich text description would be very handy.

Also, maybe show the Icons we set for selects and workflows in Rows and Columns :slight_smile:


@Jean, interesting I just posted this too!

with particular reference to Notion in fact! So I second wholeheartedly!!

What do you think about my suggestion of also adding that detail to the columns and rows? I think this would provide great Sprint Boards in particular, if you could see the entire feature details that’s being worked on - ala Azure Boards, Pipefy, Jira, in particular of course TargetProcess.


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