Misalignment between cursor coordinates and where items are getting placed on the board

  • Click to use the stylus (or any of the tools tbh)
  • Start drawing
  • Notice that that output is offset to the top and left of where the cursor is

This makes the whiteboard unusable.

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The fact that Alex Liked this suggests he was able to reproduce, but I wasn’t. So it makes me wonder what browser, OS, and screen resolution. But I’m not on the team, so maybe they have it reproduced internally. :man_shrugging:

@Oshyan @Adam unfortunately no, so it would be interesting to know the current setup, because such bug was fixed a few weeks ago.

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This happens to me when the browser zoom setting is not 100% (I like to work at 90%).
Check your zoom settings and see if the issues persists even at 100% zoom.

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Ha ha - yes this is amazing - thanks @MattFWB!