Make currently applied filter settings more obvious (Global and My filter)

By my experience, not a lot of users really understand global vs my filters. On boards I see very often people are changing global filter, makes life much harder, as it’s not really obvious to the team what is going on (“I don’t see my stories/tasks/bugs, etc”).

Is it possible to make somehow filters more visible? Or introduce more easily accessible my filter / filter presents / quick filters for users?

How are you managing user access?
If the users do not need to be Creators, then limiting them to Editor or Contributor access might be a good idea.

You may wish to consider using context views for users, so that each user has his/her own view.
Alternatively, we are just rolling out ‘my space’ which allows users to create views of their own without bothering others.

Most of users are contributors, some are creators. Still is not apparent for both of those categories without education and helping out. IMO UX of the filtering needs improvement (what do I really see now?)

I will try it out, but so far performance of the context views is struggling… Reported in support request.

It should only be possible for creators to change global filters. Non-creators (and creators) can each define their own ‘my filters’.

How would you like filter configuration to appear, if you had the choice?

Is this the most important element of the feature request?
Just asking so that anyone who wants to vote for this can understand the core issue? :slight_smile:

I would put it as a row with summary on top of the view - what filter is doing. (e.g. “showing Features, not done, assigned to Me only”) - but this is UX/UI design :slight_smile:

Those is next step I would say - even having quick filters AND filter conditions will make it even less obvious what is going on…

So request / suggest - please improve the visibility what is going on when things are get filtered out.

Ah, OK.
I thought the need was to make it easier for users to access/apply filters, but you would actually like it to be easier for a user to see what filter(s) are currently being applied, right?

If so, perhaps we can change the title of this topic so that it becomes a feature request… something like
Make currently applied filter settings more obvious (Global and My filter)

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Change in title would make perfect sense