Loading indicator needed for large Views, especially for Filter and Sort changes

Relevant to recent discussions around Performance decreasing as complexity/size increases, I think there is a real need for some “Loading” indicators for large views. With large data sets they can take sometimes 20-30 seconds or more to appear, during which all you see is a blank, gray area below the view Title. This on its own is not ideal, but not super problematic.

Where it gets more challenging is applying a Filter or Sort. These operations can also take time on large Views (though less than initial load it seems, for some reason), and there are a couple problems with this. The first is that the existing sort/filter view remains visible and even interactive while the update is happening. You can even click-in to an Entity view while it is working in the background. I guess some might see this as an advantage? :smile:

The second thing is that it is a bit unclear when a Filter/Sort will actually be applied, and while this doesn’t create problems normally since they update almost immediately once you click-off the field, and you can see fairly interactively what’s happening, in the case of longer load times with big data sets, it’s really unclear what - if anything - is happening. Users are liable to think perhaps it didn’t apply, and look for some way to make it do so, e.g. an “Apply” button, or press “Enter” or something, which might in itself re-trigger the filter/sort (not sure about this latter bit). In any case it’s certainly non-ideal.

Most SaaS apps have simple “loading” indicators and hopefully it is not too difficult to add one for Fibery.