June 1, 2023 / Selects in automation Formulas, custom Button messages

:arrow_heading_down: Propagate select value in automation Formulas

Previously, scripts have been the only way to set single- and multi-select Field values in automations. Now that we’ve remembered we are a no-code tool, we introduce an easier way.

Set a value of a select Field using another select Field:

  • a Client is created from a Lead => copy Tags and Segment
  • a Bug is created => set default Priority based on the parent Feature’s Priority
  • a Private Task is moved to the next state => move the linked Public Task to the same state

We match select options between DBs by name. Check out the details at the bottom of the guide: Select Field.

Now back to code again :sweat_smile:

:speech_balloon: Display custom success and error messages for scripted Buttons

“Button has completed” is sometimes not informative enough for the end-user:

  • the results vary based on conditions
    Next → “:white_check_mark: Moved to QA state”
  • the results take a while to appear on the screen
    Insert Template → “:white_check_mark: The template is coming…”

Now you can add a custom message by returning a string at the end of your script:

return `${tasks.length} Tasks have been added from the template`;

Similarly, you can show custom error messages:

  • Generate Tasks → “:x: Please specify the template”
  • Next → “:x: Please set priority before moving to the next state”
  • Approve → “:x: You have to be a manager to approve”

To do so, throw an error at any point in your script:

if (!project.template) {
    throw new Error("Please specify the template");

𝑥 Show current value for dynamic options

Dynamic values in relation filters and sorts are pretty abstract, so we’ve added a tiny bit of concreteness by displaying the current value on hover.

:dash: Click to links faster

Now all links in documents and rich edit open when you click them. Previously we showed a menu and you had to click again to navigate. Hover on a link to edit it or copy it.

:shrimp: Fixed Bugs

  • Whiteboard: Safari: Sticky Notes does not display on the frame
  • Whiteboard: Safari: It’s impossible to quit full screen mode of embedded whiteboard via mouse
  • Browser ‘Back’ & ‘Forward’ buttons do not work in some cases
  • Deleting database in Notion Sync leads to falling sync in Fibery
  • ‘Show empty Field’ control is not disabled for users who don’t have permissions to edit view
  • Sometimes clicking on Mention for the first time does not work
  • Timeout on recent items query on the edge
  • Icons should be added to Spaced drop-down on Import page
  • Duplicated titles on large cards on Board View
  • Change delete button color
  • Rich Edit: CMD+Backspace corrupts multiline checkbox or heading
  • Views: ranks get reset on every reorder on Entity View in Documents section
  • ‘Back’ button behaviour is different for csv and md import
  • Ugly error message when user tries to link read-only doc to some entity
  • Entities from ‘Other’ section disappears from search results not right after disabling ‘Show other’ option but after page refresh

Custom error messages is a neat surprise! I’m always excited for anything to help provide clarification to users on why something is/isn’t working

One thought I had while reading this (and it may already be possible, I’m not very familiar with scripting yet), if you can add line breaks and text formatting inside the error message, you could create buttons just for displaying temporary entity summaries. I think this could actually be very useful.

  • For example, a project page - 5 tasks due today, then lines below for each person on the project with number of tasks in their court

For anything more than a sentence long, I’d actually recommend writing into a rich-text Field using markdown templates. An update might be initiated either by a user clicking a Button or by a scheduled Rule.

Wow, fucking awesome release :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: really happy with all the changes!

I really love this! It was kinda annoying that it was not possible to open links directly.

Question: is it possible to default open the link in a new tab? I think that’s best because:

  • In most situations, if possible offcourse, we use internal links. To entities, documents, views etc. You want those to open in Fibery → that currently works awesome.
  • When internal links are not possible, then we use an URL to go to an external source. And because it’s an external source, default open in new tab is more handy so you don’t loose your Fibery window.

Question: is it possible to default open the link in a new tab? I think that’s best because:

Hmm, it should work this way. When you have a link in rich edit it should open a new tab

In my workspace it’s not the default. Made a quick video.

I guess since the link doesn’t start with https://, we perceive it as an internal one and add the route to the address of your workspace.

I wonder: do you often type URLs manually or is it more of a test scenario?

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I copy a link or I use shortcuts via keyboard or voice memo for links I often use. There I can include https:// in the URL if needed :slight_smile:

When I type a link, it usually starts with www. For example, the link to my website. But I don’t do that very often.

Could you please try again?
We’ve tweaked the link mechanism in the latest update.

Hi @antoniokov, thanks! Works as expected for external links!

Found out while testing that some Fibery links open inside Fibery (which is awesome) and some open in a new browser tab. Like these:

  • A link to an entity
  • A link to a comment

Is it possible to open all workspace link in the workspace instead of new browser tab?

And another question regarding internal links: we often use the view description for extra information for the user. But sometimes it’s better to link to the entity of the internal wiki for a more complete explanation/manual for the view because it’s too much information.

Unfortunately it’s currently not possible to link to a view or entity in a view description. Is this a known feature request?

@antoniokov I just started messing around with custom button messages today and realized (as the name implies) that they are limited to only button automations. Is it possible to add custom automation messages to triggered automations as well? I have a number of scripts that stop duplicate entries in various ways, but it would be great to explain the end users what entities are magically getting deleted or unlinked.

Rules can run at any time, including when nobody is looking, so there is currently no good way to determine when a Rule-generated message should be shown, or to whom.

But here’s a possible workaround:

Create a “Latest Script Message” Text field in your DB, and pin it to the top of the entity view so it is always visible.

Also create an “All Script Messages” Rich Text field to hold all script messages related to an entity.

Then your scripts can set the “Latest Script Message” field, and a separate Rule can append/prepend its content to the RTF for posterity whenever it’s updated, and optionally notify you.


Good call @Matt_Blais , I was thinking that the issue would be more that it could get really spammy with automations that trigger often. I hadn’t even thought about the non-user triggered automations. Thanks for the advice, I will look into implementing it.

Matt has done a great job of explaining why message toasts are limited to Buttons :muscle:
For Rules, I’d usually rely on Notify action, but the Text/Rich-Text Field solution might be an option as well.